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College Student Storage for Utah State University

When you are living in residence halls and college apartments, you may start to feel a little cramped with all your belongings. If you are running into space issues with your current living situation, look to self storage near you for affordable college storage options. Cache Valley Storage is Utah State University’s premier choice for self storage units in Logan, UT!

Drive-Up Storage Units

Benefits of Rent Self Storage as a College Student

  1. Affordable option. We know college students are already on tight budgets as it is. Cache Valley Storage offers competitive pricing for our storage units, and we have opportunities for discounts! For example, when you refer a friend to our storage facilities, you each receive $50 off your next rental.
  2. Flexible leasing. You can rent your storage unit on a month-by-month basis. Whether you need storage space for a few months or the duration of your stay at school, you can find a rental plan that works for you.
  3. Ease of management. You are free to access your storage space on your time. Our access hours are 6 AM – 10 PM to serve you around classes, practices, rehearsals, meetings, and work. Plus, all our storage units are drive-up accessible for quick loading.
  4. Security of belongings. Cache Valley Storage facilities are protected behind a fenced perimeter with secure gate code access. Our grounds are well-lit for your safety and peace of mind.

Top College Storage Mistakes to Avoid

Not Paying for a Protection Plan

Protection plans are a necessary step to ensure the safety of your belongings in storage. In the rare event of a fire, vandalism, or other damages outside of your control, your losses are covered. As you are renting your storage unit, you can purchase one of our plans or provide proof of your own plan.

Renting the Wrong Size Storage Unit

The last thing you want is to rent too much or too little storage space. You do not want to spend more money than you need to, but you want to make sure you have enough space for all your items. Use our online storage calculator for a quick reference of the storage unit size you need. It will suggest a size for you based on the objects you wish to store.

Packing Recklessly

It is worth it to put time into the packing and organizing of your storage unit. If not, it could just turn into another cluttered space that you need to deal with. Think about which items you want to access frequently and place them in the front of your storage unit. Then situate valuables and less-regularly used items toward the back. Remember when packing that heavier objects should always be on the bottom of your box/storage unit if you decide to stack items on top of one another. This is an easy rule of thumb to keep from crushing smaller and fragile belongings.

Cache Valley Storage in Logan, UT – Close to Utah State University

Need storage near Utah State University? Cache Valley Storage has five self storage facilities within four miles of USU. We are happy to provide students and faculty with the space they need to get organized! Find your college storage solution with Cache Valley Storage in Logan, UT!

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